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Anti-Spyware for Windows

A spyware can ruin your life. Safeguard yourself from online threats.

Although 90% of the internet connected PCs are prone to spyware attack at one time or another, a majority of PC owners is not aware of how to solve the problem.

The only solution to prevent ourselves from spyware attack is to run an anti spyware software downloaded from a reliable source. With advanced technology, the software companies have now started offering antivirus with spyware removal properties.

Put your two cents in ANTIVIRUS with inbuilt SPYWARE REMOVAL instead of single ANTI SPYWARE software.

Free Anti-Spyware Download & Scan

Most of the reputed companies that market anti spyware offer FREE DOWNLOAD facility that doesn't give you the full functionality unless you pay for it. However, this feature helps you to analyze the performance of anti spyware software and thereby helps you to make an easy decision before you pay for it. Henceforth, by reading “free anti spyware” means “FREE DOWNLOAD & SCAN” only.

The following observations are based on first hand experiences drawn from the reputed research laboratories, forums & discussion groups. Do remember that you don't need to try each and every software that you come across on the internet. We review the best antispyware software ... so you don't have to!

Free Downloads and ReviewsBest Anti-Spyware Software

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

Lavasoft's Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ is the top rated free antispyware program combined with powerful Bitdefender's Antivirus technology. It's quiet popular for high detection rate.

Quality wise, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ enjoys the support of over 450 million satisfied customers. Download and get top-of-the-line antispyware protection for FREE.

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SUPERAntiSpyware is the best anti spyware application made by It is very aggressive against all forms of spyware and malware. The USP of the latest version SUPERAntiSpyware is its usage of low PC resources.

Get the most up to date protection for your PC from the world’s most recommended anti spyware product.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

If you're looking for a full-featured anti-spyware software, then Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a decent option. The software is highly known for its real time tracking and huge spyware definition database.

Stay secured with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software. Now, it can even protect your Android device.

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XoftSpyAV is a master piece product from the world’s most renowned PC security maker ParetoLogic Inc. This unique free anti spyware software is probably one of the fastest spyware removers we have ever tested.

With excellent online resources database, comprehensive spyware detection and removal capacity, you can't go wrong with our top pick.

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STOPzilla - Anti Malware

True to its name, STOPzilla counters and sweeps away spyware. It is the only product 100% developed and supported in USA. STOPzilla Anti Malware is known for its excellent behaviour based detection capabilities.

Keep yourself a step head with STOPzilla's unparalled free anti spyware protection. Download STOPzilla Anti Malware and stay spyware free no matter what you do online.

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Understanding The ConceptANTI-SPYWARE SOFTWARE

Let me give a brief synopsis on spyware, its signs & symptoms, spyware removal techniques and other info related to spyware and adware.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is the most searched term by a PC owner. Perhaps, it is the most alarming hi-tech application in the digital world. Often, it is known by many other names such as malware, adware, crimeware, scumware, snoopware, trackware, thiefware etc.

Spyware has often been referred to as a virus, but in reality it is something different. Spyware is computer software that gets installed without the user’s consent and takes partial or full control of the PC. The spyware programs collect various types of information including your personal information such as your browsing activity, credit card information, bank account numbers, social security numbers, login username and passwords etc without your prior consent.

What are the common symptoms of spyware infection?

There is no rule that all the spyware operate in the same way, but majority of spyware infections result in one or more of these symptoms:

  • Sluggish PC performance
  • Hijacked browsers
  • Uncontrollable pop-up advertisements
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • Unauthorized downloads
  • Mysterious toolbars that don't change even on deleting
  • Puzzling search results
  • Frequent program errors
  • Ghostlike computer activity

How does spyware get on to my PC?

Probably, you might be asking the same question - How they got on to my PC? I didn’t install them. Spyware and adware can get into your PC through the files or software you download from the internet. Even if you are careful about these malicious programs, they just invade your PC through normal internet browsing habits.

  • Sharing music, media, files, photos, etc with other users through P2P networks
  • Downloading free stuff without reading End User License Agreements (EULA) and privacy statements
  • Wrong use of commercial Remote Administration Tool (RAT) Technology
  • Included with free file sharing software
  • Pop-up windows that misguide important security updates
  • Misleading rogue Anti-Spyware softwares
  • Via HTML emails advertising anything from viagra to fake rolex watches
  • Tracking cookie that get installed when you browse a website.

Tips To Protect Your PC from Spyware Attack

Every 9 out of 10 internet connected PCs are prone to spyware attack. But if you could follow these tips, you can prevent the spyware from invading your privacy.

  • Avoid websites dealing with porn/gambling/illegal softwares.
  • Stay away from free downloads such as music, media, files etc.
  • Read End User Licence Agreements before installing the files and software.
  • Don’t use P2P softwares.
  • Never open unsolicited emails.
  • Don’t click “agree” or “OK” buttons to close pop-up windows; instead use Alt + F4 command.
  • Set your IE’s security level at least to medium level.
  • Use alternate web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera for increased security (Most hackers target IE).
  • Stay away from fake and rogue anti spyware that multiply your problems.
  • Download from regular search results instead of paid or sponsored links.
  • Download software only from reputed sources and websites.
  • Scan your PC regularly with the best antispyware software
  • Be sure that your software is updated regularly with critical security updates.
  • Never share your PC who doesn’t follow the above simple tips.

How To Select The Best Anti Spyware Software?

Every 9 out of 10 internet connected PCs are infected with one or other form of spyware. There is a continuous research going on various research laboratories to combat spyware. Many companies keep on releasing their anti-spyware products into the market.

If you Google the term “anti spyware”, then you would be surprised to observe more than 10,400,000 search results. Out of them, many are rogue and suspected antispyware softwares. Do not get frightened. You can select the best antispyware protection for your PC by following some simple tips.

Just consider the below aspects as they make the selection of the best anti-spyware software an easy thing.

  • Easy To Use Interface: - The best anti spyware is one which has an user friendly interface. Just think. A great product but difficult to use. Will you be interested in it? The anti-spyware should be easy to install and run without consulting the tech support person.
  • Real Time Protection: - Some anti-spyware software remove spyware and adware only after the manual scan. They don’t provide the proactive protection. The best anti-spyware is one which not only finds and removes malicious spyware but also blocks them even before the spyware gets installed. Preventing the spyware infection via real time monitoring processes is highly preferred.
  • Regular Automatic Definition Updates: - Make sure that the best antispyware software you select should update its definition database regularly. As new critical spyware programs are coded daily, the anti-spyware companies continually update their definition. Without regular definition updates, the anti-spyware is simply outdated and ineffective to use. Always ensure that you get frequent definition updates automatically without manually downloading them.
  • Potent Anti-Spyware Database: - The best anti-spyware application is one that has a potent database. It should have a comprehensive signature database so as to counter the spyware attack. Moreover, the antispyware software’s ability is gauged by its removal effectiveness.
  • Customizable Scans: - Always make sure that the best anti-spyware you select have the flexibility of scheduling the scans (daily/weekly). The customizable scan feature is very important and will automatically scan your PC for possible spyware and adware infections. It helps when you can't manually run antispyware and thus eases your job.
  • System Performance: - How long does the scan take? Does the PC support other functions while the scan is running on? ... are some of the parameters you should consider while opting a good anti-spyware solution.
  • Customer Support: - The best antispyware is backed by excellent customer support. The support team should respond your queries quickly. Make sure that you get free online help.
  • Money Back Guarantee: - Always prefer the product that provides you a risk free guarantee. You should select the best anti-spyware software which adheres to a minimum 30 Day - 100% money back guarantee policy.

Happy Users!